Hubot add commands

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Install hubot.

hubot add commands

Make sure to npm install --save hubot-botframework to add this module. Store the created app id and app password for use later. Configure the required environment variables, and run the command. Create a Microsoft Teams app package.

hubot add commands

We recommend using the manifest editor in App Studio for Microsoft Teams. Include the bot's app id and password in the bots section. In Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Store and select Upload a custom app. You can then interact with hubot through a personal chat or by mentioning the name of the uploaded custom app in a Team. In personal chats, the bot's name can be dropped from messages ping or hubot ping. In Teams, mention the bot and omit the bot's name from the command myhubot ping.

Messages from all non-Teams channels are blocked. Authorization is disabled by default.

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A comma-separated list of user principal names UPNs. The users on this list will be admins and able to send commands to hubot when the hubot is first run with authorization enabled. These variables will only take effect if a user communicates with your hubot through Microsoft Teams. Authorization restricts the users that can send commands to hubot to a defined set of Microsoft Teams users.

Authorization is currently only supported for the Teams channel, so when enabled, messages from all other channels are blocked. To maximize back compatibility, authorization is disabled by default and must be enabled to be used.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I have an instance of hubot running on heroku. I don't need any of the default behaviour for example help command. Instead I'd like to choose my own commands and just have users input text with commands. In this case I just want to run pb with every user input. Sounds like you want to hear "anything". Use Hubot's hear and respond feature hear not respond will do what you want and use a regex that matches everything.

You may also need to manually remove the script from external-scripts. So to answer the first part of your question, removing parts you don't need. Just edit your package. Relatively self explanatory, should be safe to remove the following:.

I wrote this to log every message anyone ever said and where they said it. Learn more. Hubot: use set command for all input Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. Viewed times. So if a user inputs hello I'd like humbot to run pb hello. Improve this question. Philip Kirkbride. Philip Kirkbride Philip Kirkbride Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. I updated my question to show what I'm trying now based on your suggestion. Still not sure what I'm doing wrong.

PhilipKirkbride where do you define pb? Relatively self explanatory, should be safe to remove the following: "hubot-diagnostics": "0. EDIT: Also, need to remove the entries from "external-scripts.

hubot add commands

Thanks my free trial ran out. I'll try to make another account and run the script to confirm. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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hubot add commands

The Overflow Blog.Grafana 2. No matter what data source you are using, the PNG image of the Graph will look the same as it does in your browser. This guide will show you how to install and configure the Hubot-Grafana plugin. This plugin allows you to tell hubot to render any dashboard or graph right from a channel in Slack, Hipchat or Basecamp.

The bot will respond with an image of the graph and a link that will take you to the graph. This is so Hipchat and Slack can show them reliably they require the image to be publicly available.

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Hubot is an universal and extensible chat bot that can be used with many chat services and has a huge library of third party plugins that allow you to automate anything from your chat rooms.

Hubot is very easy to install and host. If you do not already have a bot up and running please read the official Getting Started With Hubot guide. The hubot-grafana plugin requires a number of environment variables to be set in order to work properly.

The hubot plugin will take advantage of the Grafana server side rendering feature that can render any panel on the server using phantomjs. Grafana ships with a phantomjs binary Linux only. To verify that this feature works try the Direct link to rendered image link in the panel share dialog. If you do not get an image when opening this link verify that the required font packages are installed for phantomjs to work. The S3 options are optional but for the images to work properly in services like Slack and Hipchat they need to publicly available.

By specifying the S3 options the hubot-grafana script will publish the rendered panel to S3 and it will use that URL when it posts to Slack or Hipchat. Some of the hubot commands above can lengthy and you might have to remember the dashboard slug url id. Now add hubot-alias to the list of plugins in external-scripts.

Grafana is going to ship with integrated Slack and Hipchat features some day but you do not have to wait for that. Grafana 2 shipped with a very clever server side rendering feature that can render any panel to a png using phantomjs.

The hubot plugin for Grafana is something you can install and use today! Sorry, an error occurred. Email update grafana. Integrate Hubot with Grafana Grafana 2. Prev Next. Keep up with us. Product developments and observability innovations. Legal and Security. Terms of Service. Trademark Policy. Grafana Features Contribute Dashboards Plugins.

Grafana Labs uses cookies for the normal operation of this website. Learn more. Got it!Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. These are a collection of community scripts for hubota chat bot for your company. Important : this repository is no longer accepting new scripts. There is a new system for distributing scripts, and adding them to your own hubot.

Locate the appropriate script in the hubot-scripts organization or on npm tagged as hubot-scriptsand follow the script's documentation. In general, this will be something like:. Check out the hubot-script-catalog for a list and description of all the available scripts.

Once you have Hubot installed, you should already have hubot-scripts installed. Check package. If that is the case, you update hubot-scripts. The default hubot-scripts. If you update hubot-scripts in package.

Alternatively, you can copy files from this repository into your scripts directory. Note that you would not get updates from the hubot-scripts repository unless you copy them yourself. Any third-party dependencies for scripts need the addition of your package. You can find a list of dependencies for a script in the documentation header at the top of the script.

Want to write your own Hubot script? The best way is to take a look at an existing script and see how things are set up. Hubot scripts are written in CoffeeScript, a higher-level implementation of JavaScript.When you rename Hubot, he will no longer respond to his former name.

In order to train your users on the new name, you may choose to add a deprecation notice when they try to say the old name. The pattern logic is:. In the above pattern, modify both the hubot listener and the response message to suit your needs. For example, the HipChat Adapter converts hubot into hubot: before passing it to Hubot.

If you remove a script or change the commands for a script, it can be useful to let your users know about the change. One way is to just tell them in chat or let them discover the change by attempting to use a command that no longer exists.

For one-off control, use can specify an Agent to use with robot. However, this would require modifying every script your robot uses to point at the proxy. Instead, you can specify the agent at the global level and have all HTTP requests use the agent by default.

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Due to the way node. In some situations, you want to dynamically match different messages e. Rather than defining an overly broad regular expression that always matches, you can tell Hubot to only match when certain conditions are met. With the dynamic matching model, middleware will only be executed when the dynamic conditions are matched.

For example, the factoid lookup command could be reimplemented as:. One of the awesome features of Hubot is its ability to make changes to a production environment with a single chat message. However, not everyone with access to your chat service should be able to trigger production changes. There are a variety of different patterns for restricting access that you can follow depending on your specific needs:. In some organizations, almost all employees are given the same level of access and only a select few need to be restricted e.

The key deciding factors for whitelisting vs blacklisting of users are the number of users in each category, the frequency of change in either category, and the level of security risk your organization is willing to accept. The key deciding factors for selectively allowing vs restricting listeners are the number of listeners in each category, the ratio of internal to external scripts, and the level of security risk your organization is willing to accept.

As an additional consideration, most scripts do not currently have listener IDs, so you will likely need to open PRs or fork any external scripts you use to add listener IDs. The actual modification is easy, but coordinating with lots of maintainers can be time consuming. Once you have decided which of the four possible models to follow, you need to build the appropriate lists of users and listeners to plug into your authorization middleware.

Hubot Documentation

Remember that middleware executes for ALL listeners that match a given message including robot. For larger organizations, a binary categorization of access is usually insufficient and more complex access rules are required.You will need node. Once those are installed, we can install the hubot generator:. This will give us the hubot yeoman generator.

Now we can make a new directory, and generate a new instance of hubot in it. For example, if we wanted to make a bot called myhubot:. If you are using git, the generated directory includes a.

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You now have your own functional hubot! Hubot needs Redis to persist data, so before you can start hubot on your own computer, you should have Redis installed on your localhost.

If just want to test Hubot without Redis, then you can remove hubot-redis-brain from external-scripts.

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This starts hubot using the shell adapterwhich is mostly useful for development. For example, to list available commands:. Your hubot will now respond as myhubot. This is case-insensitive, and can be prefixed with or suffixed with :. These are equivalent:.

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There are hundreds of scripts written and maintained by the community. For example:. All scripts placed there are automatically loaded and ready to use with your hubot. Read more about customizing hubot by writing your own scripts. Hubot uses the adapter pattern to support multiple chat-backends. Here is a list of available adaptersalong with details on how to configure them.

You can deploy hubot to Heroku, which is the officially supported method. Using custom scripts, you can quickly customize Hubot to be the most life embettering robot he or she can be.

Integrate Hubot with Grafana

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